Friday, 7 September 2012

Studio Sorting in Full Swing!

Lots of boxes have been sorted and put away in the cupboards down the eaves. (Out of sight, out of mind)

I’m now working on the books. Most of them are sorted out but there are always a few which don’t fit into any category. I also have quite a lot of oversized books, which have to go together because they don’t fit on the other shelves.


Bookcase number one, sorted and filled.


Bookcase number two, almost done.

Why did I bother sorting them all into categories? Now I’m having trouble fitting the groups of books into the remaining spaces.


Oops! There seem to be a few more piles lurking under tables and in boxes. Bookcase number three is almost ready for the onslaught but I think I may be able to fill it immediately.

I wonder if there’s a cure for bookaholics.