Monday, 24 January 2011

Decorative Brasswork.

This ornate, brass shape seemed like a good subject for patterns, borders, etc. I enlarged and cut out a section of it to use as source material.

Local Sketches

These are some sketches made at local churchyards.

Stone Angels

Some of the most fascinating things I found on my church and graveyard investigations, were the beautful stone angel statues. There are some in Llanbedr churchyard but I also found some very large and imposing ones in Gorton Cemetery.

I enlaged a section of the photograph in Paint Shop Pro. Then I posterized it so that it was grainy with high contrast. It is printed on 'canvas effect' paper.

For the middle one, I used bleach on a brownish coloured tissue paper. I was very surprised when it discharged to a sort of blue-green, almost verdigris colour. Small details were added with gel pens.

The dark blue one has been further manipulated on Paint Shop Pro 9 and printed out onto thin, textured wrapping paper, which was bonded to computer paper. I've got to say - my computer does not like my experiments, i.e. feeding everything I can possibly get hold of through it!

Rusted Ironwork

I was attracted to the decorative shape of this rusted iron chain, surrounding a grave. The pen/pencil sketch below it was coloured with Koh-I-Noor paints and Brusho.
The other sketch was done with oil pastel and Koh-I-Noor.

This is the same photograph, adapted again with Paint Shop Pro. I used oil pastels to colour the images and washed over with Indian ink.

This is more manipulation with Paint Shop Pro. The effect is quite textured so I used Puff Paint in the top example and a 'Uni Paint' marker for the lower one.

Paint Shop Pro 9 Manipulation.

I did several pieces of work based on this photograph of a stained glass window. I cropped it and manipulated it on Paint Shop Pro 9. Unfortunately, I was so involved in experimenting that I forgot to note down all the processes I used!
I liked the effect of the warp. In this first photograph, the strong contrast make the images look quite ghostly.

Diploma theme

This is my 'Distant Stitch' blog. I'm currently working on the Level 3 Diploma in Emboidery, with Sian Martin.

Module 1.
Chapter 1. Research for Design.