Monday, 24 January 2011

Stone Angels

Some of the most fascinating things I found on my church and graveyard investigations, were the beautful stone angel statues. There are some in Llanbedr churchyard but I also found some very large and imposing ones in Gorton Cemetery.

I enlaged a section of the photograph in Paint Shop Pro. Then I posterized it so that it was grainy with high contrast. It is printed on 'canvas effect' paper.

For the middle one, I used bleach on a brownish coloured tissue paper. I was very surprised when it discharged to a sort of blue-green, almost verdigris colour. Small details were added with gel pens.

The dark blue one has been further manipulated on Paint Shop Pro 9 and printed out onto thin, textured wrapping paper, which was bonded to computer paper. I've got to say - my computer does not like my experiments, i.e. feeding everything I can possibly get hold of through it!

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