Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Texture 3.


All portfolio samples are displayed on A2 sheets, unless otherwise specified.

I had noticed that a number of the old gravestones had interesting weathered textures on them.
Some of the surfaces were crumbling, others had lichen growing on them.


The rock salt gave the impression of some of the low relief textures I found.


Other surfaces were more badly eroded.


These were actually some used ion exchange resin beads. They are of no further use after the process is complete but they give a great, gritty texture.


I bought some Tim Holtz crackle paints for a workshop I attended. The crackle effect was so subtle that I was quite disappointed at the time - and continue to be so! If anyone has any tips to make them crackle really effectively, please let me know.

In the photo on the right, I left the masking fluid on, as it tends to look old and yellowed.


I always enjoy using Puff Paint and 3-D medium. They expand really well (which is very satisfying) and they take paint beautifully.

The crackle effect medium on the right worked very well. Although there are three layers to apply, it works quite quickly.

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