Thursday, 19 May 2011

Colour study 2

I've just included this close up of the kitchen towels to show the texture, as it didn't show up in my last batch of photographs. They were very absorbent and really drank up lots of paint. On the bright side, after they are dry they can be peeled and the three layers can be split.This means that you get three textured, co-ordinating sheets of paper.

Sian made a valid comment in her feedback - that many of my samples in picture 9 looked similar in tone. I think I probably concentrated too much on the bright colours and not enough on the darks. Here, I've added some more of the darker colours to get a greater range.
These samples are on thin wrapping paper - white, with denser fibres scattered about on it.

Just three more on watercolour paper. The sample on the right looks very pale but it wasn't at all. This is the third picture I took, too!

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