Sunday, 6 February 2011

Chalk and Oil Pastel - Mary, Jesus and Shepherds

This piece of work was made by covering a sheet of slightly textured paper with a layer of white chalk. Oil pastels were then used to cover the whole surface again. It took quite a while to eliminate all the tiny, white flecks. A fresh piece of thin paper was then placed over the top of the pastel covered sheet and the picture was drawn with a ballpoint pen. When the top piece was removed, I ended up with a line drawing on white paper and another on the pastel covered sheet. The image was reversed. I washed over the pastel drawing with Indian ink, as the parts where the pastels had been removed looked a little grubby. I'm glad I photographed this soon after I had finished it, as little bits of pastel keep coming off and revealing the chalk underneath!

I liked the intimacy of this classic scene which has been portrayed in so many ways.

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