Sunday, 6 February 2011

Gorgeous Gargoyles.

All work is in an A4 sketchbook, unless otherwise specified.


I have been fascinated by gargoyles for as long as I can remember. They have so much character! This wonderful creature is at the top of a downspout on St. Mary's Church in Mold. Is it terrified of heights, like me? I can't decide if it's trying to scrabble down or if it's desperately trying to hang on.
I'd like to try using molding paste with this subject, stitching into it after to show the details.


This fantastic beast in on Manchester Cathedral. I used several effects on Paint Shop Pro to accentuate the texture and make him look even more surreal. (Neon glow, solarization and posterization)
This subject could be printed onto fabric, using photo Transfer paper. Machine stitching could be used to reinforce the outlines and make it stand out from the background.


This gargoyle is on a church in New York. I decided to avoid using colour, in order to accentuate the tones. I used an 8B graphite pencil to cover up the white paper. Then I removed all the highlights with an eraser. I haven't used this technique for a long time and I'd forgotten how much fun it is.
This effect could be created using sheer fabrics in black, white and greys - or maybe fabric paints.

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