Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Chapter 6. Colouring of Materials. Part 2.

Unfortunately, I didn't get everything prepared after the gym last night, in time to post again. However - home from the gym again this morning and full of energy (or maybe not), here is part 2.

Last time, I mixed the dye powders to obtain the colours I wanted. This time, I mixed up the straight colours in the bottles, then mixed the liquids together in the plastic bags, on top of the damp fabrics.


Once again, I'm using this gorgeous gargoyle. He's so characterful - but difficult to photograph, as he's so high up. I really like the cool colouring in this photograph and the rather slimy green areas on the stone. This is quite a limited palette, all blues & greens. Again, it's not what I would normally choose but it's good sometimes to work outside your comfort zone.


Sample 1, the cotton/viscose brocade, was different on both sides so I reversed some of the pieces to show the difference. Sometimes the flowers are shiny and in other samples, the background is shiny. This fabric seems to have more variety of colour than some of the others and it's one of my favourites.
The silk/viscose velvet has taken the dye really well but it was evil to sew - it's exceptionally slippery - and stretchy!


Again, I used up the remaining dyes on the yarn samples. From top to bottom, they are made from -
1) cotton chenille
2) cotton perle
3) cotton boucle
4) loosely twisted cotton and viscose
5) cotton and polyester slub
6) viscose ribbon.

I don't think I've ever dyed this much yarn in my life. Now, I just need to acquire the taste for hand stitching! (or maybe I'll just use it for couching and the embellisher)

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